How to install an application in Ubuntu without opening the Terminal window

January 29, 2013

How to install application in Ubuntu without opening the terminal Window

Ubuntu provides installation of the application directly from terminal Window by typing commands. But you can also install the application without opening the terminal Window. You can install the application from the “Ubuntu Software Center“.

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How To Install Application using “Ubuntu Software Center”

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center
2. Type the application name in search-box at the Upper right corner or Select the application by browsing according to the category from the left pane of the Ubuntu Software Center.
3. Select the application you want to install.
You will get “Install” option at the right side of the chosen application. Or Click on “More Info” and check the details and compatibility of that application then click on “Install”.
4. It will ask for the User password to authenticate the installation. Enter the password in the required field and click on “Authenticate”.
5. After that downloading and Installing of the application process will continue. You can check the status of the installation program on the “Process” tab of the “Ubuntu Software Center”.
After the completion of Installation of the program you will able to use that application.

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