How to Install Ubuntu with Windows 8 without using the Virtual Machine.

January 27, 2013

How to install UBUNTU with Windows 8

How to install Ubuntu with Windows 8 without using the virtual machine – will show you how to  install the Ubuntu (GUI version of Linux OS) with Windows Eight Operating System. Ubuntu will be install within Windows 8 without the Virtual Machine in Windows drive.

To install Ubuntu with Windows we need two files. one is Windows-based Ubuntu Installer (WUBI) and another one is Ubuntu OS ISO file. You can download those file from the below link.

Windows-based Ubuntu Installer:
Ubuntu ISO file:                     
Note: WUBI is different for each version of Ubuntu. So always try to download the latest version or the same version of WUBI and the ISO file of Ubuntu OS.


1. Download the above two files and put it in a single folder in your Windows 8.
2. Open WUBI as administrator and click on OK on the UAC prompt screen.
3. You will get 5 options on the Open “Ubuntu Installer” application window. Select the options as per your requirement and availability.
  Installation Drive: Choose the drive where you want to install the Ubuntu.
  Installation Size: Allocate the memory for the Ubuntu on the installation Drive (Minimum 5GB)
  Desktop Environment: Choose Ubuntu
  Language: Choose your preferred language on which you want to install Ubuntu.
  User Name: add a user name for Ubuntu (By default it is same windows username but you can also change it)
  Password: Set a password for Ubuntu User.
4. Click on “Install“. Complete the installation Process by following the Instruction.
5. It will ask to reboot or Manually reboot later. Just Reboot your system.
6. After reboot you will get two options on your Boot Screen. Choose “Ubuntu“.
7. Follow the instruction and Complete the last step of your Ubuntu Installation.
That is it. Now you will able to use Two operating System (Windows 8 and Ubuntu) on your system.

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Note: Ubuntu will automatically install a sound card, Graphic, Ethernet driver. But before the execution of any application Ubuntu needs to be updated. So install the required Update.

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Last Updated On: October 26th, 2013

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