Install a Windows Program File(.exe and .msi) in Ubuntu

February 18, 2013

How to install a Windows software file in Ubuntu

How to install a Windows software in Ubuntu will  show you how to run a Windows Program (.exe and .msi) files in Ubuntu Operating System. To install and run a Windows program we need a third party application named as “Wine Windows Program Loader” . Using This application we will able to install Windows software files (*.exe or *.msi) on the Ubuntu.

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How to Install and Run Windows Program in Ubuntu

1. Download and Install “Wine Windows Program Loader” application for Ubuntu from “Ubuntu Software center“.
2. Now you will able to get the “Wine Windows Program Loader” on the application list of Ubuntu.
3. Now right click on the Windows Installation File (*.exe and *.msi) and choose open With “Wine Windows Program Loader“.
4. It will able to open that exe file similar to the Windows Operating System.
5. Complete the Installation process.
6. After the Completion of installation you will able to get a shortcut for that program on the Ubuntu desktop. If not then search for the application in the “Ubuntu Dash Home” and open it.
7. Now you able to open and use that Windows application in Ubuntu.
Note: Windows creates the Environment of the Windows XP or previous to that. May be the latest version software not supported by XP will not work.

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  1. John says:

    Would’ve been better if you have added some pictures or video but still, I was able to follow instructions and was successful to run a .exe file on ubuntu rig.

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