Latest Ubuntu Keyboard shortcuts List PDF Download

March 13, 2013

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcut latest working hot keys

Ubuntu is a computer operating System with desktop Environment (Graphical User Interface – GUI) as Windows Operating System and is based on Debian Linux Distribution. It is a free and open source Software. The Ubuntu Operating system comes with the GNU GPL (GNU General Public License). It is available in more than 55 languages.

Everyone knows it well that we can use only keyboard (without using the mouse) to do some specific function on our Computer. But in some cases mouse is compulsory to use without that we cannot work. There are some list of Working Keyboard shortcuts for Ubuntu Operating system. Use these shortcuts save your time in the busy schedule of computer Work.

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Desktop Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Functions
Alt + F1 Open the Application Menu
Alt + F2 Run the application by typing its name (Search box will appear)
Prt Sc Take a snapshot (photo) of the entire screen
Alt + PrtSc Take a screenshot of the Active Window

Windows Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Functions
Alt + Tab Switch between Currently Open (Active) Windows in Active Workspace
Ctrl + Alt + Tab Switch between Currently Open (Active) Windows on all Workspaces
Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Cursor Quickly Switch Between Workspace
Alt + F7 Moves the current Window with the help of mouse or keyboard
Alt + F8 Resize Window with the help of mouse and keyboard
Alt + F9 Minimizes the Active Window
Alt + F10 Maximize the Active Window
Alt + Space Brings Up Some Common Windows Menu
Alt + F5 Return Window to normal or previous size
Alt + F4 Close the Open Window

Common Shortcuts for all applications

Keyboard Shortcuts Functions
Ctrl + C Copy the Selected text or Object
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text or object
Ctrl + V Paste the Copied text or Object
Ctrl + A Select all text or All files and folder in a Parent folder
Ctrl + B Make the Selected text as BOLD
Ctrl + I Mark the selected text as italic
Ctrl + U Mark the Selected text Underline
Ctrl + N Open a New document or Window
Ctrl + S Save the Current Document
Ctrl + O Open another Document
Ctrl + P Print the Document (Print option)
Ctrl + Z Undo the Last Change you made
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo a change that you just undeed

Some System Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Functions
Alt + Ctrl + Delete Restart the Computer Immediately Without saving the open files
Ctrl + Alt + Plus (Nemeric Keypad) Rotate through Supported Screen Resolution
Ctrl + Alt + Minus (Numeric Keypad) Rotate reverse through Supported Screen Resolution

How to use the Shortcuts on Ubuntu

When there is a single key on the shortcuts then you can use it normally pressing the key. When there is more than one key (two or three) or combo key as shortcut then you have to hold down the modifier key (Alt, Ctrl or Windows logo key) and then press the second key once. You may release the modifier key at the time of pressing the second key. The same is for 3 key combination. First you need to press the two modifier key and then press the 3rd key.

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Download

To download the complete list of shortcuts for Ubuntu in PDF for offline reading just click on “Get PDF” on the top of the article and download the Ubuntu shortcuts in PDF.

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